Solar Nails! All you need to know about it!

Solar nails

Solar Nails do you love them? wanna know about them? Then read this

Girls are too much into nails these days, isn’t it? After all fashion and personal style remain the very basic idea of every woman. Some girls simply do their nails at home, and there are also girls who go to the salons for manicures, pedicures and various other nail related processes. It is every little thing that counts in making a mark when it comes to your personality and well done, and well-kept nails are always an add on to the list. Those could very well be nails done by one own self or the acrylic ones or for that matter solar nails. Solar nails are the current trend; they are super durable as well as more good looking than any other formats available! Today we going to discuss all the things u need to know about solar nails! moreover, let me clear you solar nails are far different than artificial nails! they are more durable and easy to maintain! and also, there is myth running everywhere that “artificial nails are harmful to health!” no they are not, I m personally using them they are safe and moreover help me save time and money let us now stuck to the point 🙂

Here are five things you should know about solar nails in case you didn’t:-

  1. Easily refillable; easy maintenance!                              Solar nails

It might as well come as a surprise, but solar nails can be quickly refilled and, of course, the charm and freshness can be kept alive. Acrylic nails will have you to visit the salon at regular intervals; adding on to both expense and time. For these artificial nails; however, a month of no salon care is a surety! People who are busy and those who wish not to spend additional money on their artificial nails can easily do with this method.

  1. Remains protected during a tanning session; don’t fear when solar nails are here!

Not everyone knows that solar nails if exposed to sun or heat on the beach, don’t get decolourised or
harmed in any manner. You can have your tanning sessions and maintain those lovely nails too!

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  1. The elements of durability and longevity make it the best; save on both time and money!Solar nails

The proper use of products and materials done during the artificial nails are attached ensures that they resist chipping or breaking. It is easy to apply, and several layers of base coat provide it with the required protection!

  1. Different from acrylic nail extensions. Well suited and well placed!

They aren’t mere extensions and are hence better functional and, of course, more durable. These aren’t placed directly onto your nails (acrylic nails are applied directly), and hence, your nails remain protected. Here, the solars are used which avoid any damage to your nails!

  1. The shiny appearance; natural and durable! Solar nails

Acrylic nails don’t loo bright and glossy; it is only with another coat of nail polish that the desired look and feel can be created. In the case of solar nails, the shine stays for extended periods of time and, of course, looks natural at the same time!

Now that you know reasons enough to choose solar nails over any other form of artificial nails and extensions, be wise the next time you go to the salon! They are low maintenance and long term nails!

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