Christmas Nail Art Designs!

Every occasion calls for some creative and unique nail art design which is best suited for the same. After all, nails require equal amount of attention as the face or your clothing! You don’t just wear anything anywhere, right? Likewise, you don’t just plainly put the nail paint on; you do it according to the festivities and of course the celebration! Here I am, talking to you about how to set your Christmas nails up!

Here are some of the coolest and prettiest Christmas nail art designs:

#1 Color combination 1: red and silver
Christmas time calls for the perfect time to make more use of colors like red, white, silver, golden, green and a few more! Amidst all the Christmas cheer, red and silver nail paints put alternatively on your nails with a pinch of glitter would make your nails perfectly beautiful! To add a feminine touch to it, you could as well put some silver beads or bows!

#2 Color combination two: Green and Red:
It is Christmas time and nothing can gel up better that the green and red colors! Use the base coat as green and make use of red glitter gel to decorate the nails with polka dots, lines, stripes, etc. You could as well use the colors in the opposite manner or alternate the color combinations!

#3 Christmas calls for Candy Canes:
This is simple yet gives a very Christmassy feeling! Put green color as the base for your nail and with the help of red and white paint, carve out candy canes on them; you could make one right at the center or a few here and there! Paint them with a final coat of transparent nail paint!

#4 Santa Claus be the best:
Christmas and Santa Claus got hand in hand, don’t they? With the help of red and white colored nail paint, design each of the nails differently. Make use of additional material such as stones, or beads or other accessories!

#5 Christmas Manicure:
Easy yet elegant! Get your nails French manicured and make use of dots in white, green and red on the edges of the nails! Decorate any one of the finger with something flowery or a few leaves with a Christmas tree on it!

Pair these Christmas nail art designs with your pretty dresses or put them on with your jeans, they will perfectly combine with any piece of clothing!




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